The Dormouse Hollow

Dryomys nitedula

A Contribution to Promote the Investigation of the Biology of the Gliridae (Rodentia - Mammalia)

Scientific Internet Forum Edited by Dr. Werner Haberl
for the Dormouse Specialist Group

Scientific Committee:

At the 4th International Conference on Dormice (Rodentia, Gliridae), 13 - 16 September 1999 in Edirne Turkey, Dr. Pat Morris proposed - in the name of the scientific committee - that a website and an e-mail newsletter dealing with dormice should be established in order to facilitate contacts among scientists and to discuss standard methods for future dormouse research. With regard to the positive experience I have had with the maintaining of "The Shrew Network" for many years, it was proposed that I take over this duty for the Dormouse Specialist Group ...

This web site aims at not only becoming a place for zoologists specialized in the biology of the Gliridae and a scholarly forum, but also wants to provide public awareness of dormice, furnish enjoyable "dormousing" and to serve an educational purpose.

Many visitors to the site enjoy reading in depth about scientific work with dormice. The pages are composed of numerous contributions by a great number of people who thought it worthwile to share their experience, scientific records and illustrations.

Contributions are most welcome!

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