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I have what I believe are a pair of African dwarf dormice ("micro squirrels"). I look forward to learning more about the proper care of my new pets. Also am interested in finding other people in my area of the world who might be interested in trading, as my pair just had 4 babies. Have concerns about continued breeding within the same bloodline! I assume this can lead to problems just as it does in human beings! Charle' in Dallas, Texas
Charle' Avery <>
Texas, USA -

Unfortunatly I have only the one language (English) and therefore I was not able to read many of the pages available as they appear to be in German.
Chistopher Y. Clow <>
Honiton, Devon -

I have a large family of doormice in my house in Burgundy. They usually keep to themselves, but I did manage to wake them up once by playing the accordeon (I'm a beginner) and they didn't seem to like it. I have a friend who said the doormice came out in the evening to play with her children when they were young, not shy at all (the doormice). Of course now they are a protected species and you have to let them lead their ramadan-style life and not complain.
Juliet Du Pontet <sabineroi@yahoo. com>
Paris, France -

Hi, I'm a dormouse surveyor for Brecknock Wildlife Trust and I'm getting some interesting results - I'm infested! This website is fascinating
allen richardson <>
Hay-on-Wye, Wales -

I just love this charming animals and hope that they will survive in their natural habitats in Germany. If someone knew a site close to my home town I just like to visit it. Thanks for any information in advance.
Detlev Seibert <>
Bochum, Germany -

Fascinating site! For the last 6 months we thought we had rats. Two days ago, I finally caught a glimpse of the mammal that had been making so much noise in our roof. I am pretty sure it is a Glis Glis - we are in the right area (Bucks) and it looks just like the pictures you have on the site. We have Environmental Health coming on Wednesday- we won't ask them to do anything at the moment. What is your advice to people with Glis Glis? Should the species be killed as non-native to the UK, should they be caught and kept in captivity or should they be left as they are? We would be happy to participate in future studies of the Glis Glis.
Jake Brumby <>
High Wycombe, UK -

A fascinating site! I've only once come across a dormouse in the wild once, but I enjoyed learning so much more about them.
Leiah Elbaum <>
Modi'in, Israel -

We found two dormice, age nearly two weeks; who can help us by showing some links to pull them through the next weeks.

Mike Riedner <>
Hirschberg, Germany -

There are loads of edible doormice in my house. I love them and are not troubled by them at all.They are the cutest things and they are even becoming quite tame. This is a very informative site. Is it ok to leave bits of fruit out for them. They seem to help themselves anyway. Thanx, Alex
Alex <>
Berkhamstead, UK -

Some time ago I completed a short research project(for undergrad purposes)on the Habitat and Ecology of Graphiurus murinus (Woodland) in small forest remnants. If anybody is interested in this research please let know.
Todd Kaplan <>
Johannesburg, South Africa -

I am desperately seeking pet Fat Edibles, (Glis glis) or Japanese dormice. I have kept the Africans (Graphiurus murinus) for some time, and I just love them. I live in Canada, but am willing to ship them from Europe. Please help! There's are lots of us in North America that would like some. Thanks for the great site!
Kate Gibbons <>
Calgary, Canada -

at first i wondered if this site was for real. do u realise that for rodents like me this is a porn-site? i have been waiting all my computer literate life 4 a site like this, thanx so much.
mouseville, rodentopia -

Hello, Werner! And I thought you only knew about Shrews! Very informative site, thanks for the link.
rmgman <>
Verona, NJ, USA -

Very informative. Personally, I have often experienced nocturnal encounters with dormice in my Pyrenean retreats (barns) where their scrabbling can be heard at night. A flashlight suddenly turned on will have them stare at you quizzically before they hurry off. I have to protect my larders from their thievery though. In this sense they are pests, but lovable all the same. Carry on with the good work.
Julian Besset <>
Bordeaux, France -

If only I had known about this site sooner ! Extremely valuable resource. I think I will be using it a lot!
Darren Smith <>
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England -

I am looking for people who have experience in marking fat doormice. i expect major difficulties in handling the animals. the idea is to tatoo a number in the ear. I would be thankful for tips and hints.
Bettina Koppmann <>
Bad Homburg, Germany -

Congratulations. I have been waiting for a site like this. It is a good feeling that there are some more people out there who spend their time in the forest looking for dormice...
Bettina Koppmann <>
Bad Homburg, Germany -

An excellent site for anyone to share thier knowledge, either professional or layman. Many many thanks!
Leslie Engle <>
Philomath, US -

Congratulations! Very usefull.
Wojciech (Voytek) Nowakowski <>
Siedlce, Poland -

Very good idea ! very professional work ! I miss just some comments for keeping them in captivity.
Georg Gaßner <>
Vienna, Austria -

Cordial congratulations! The Dormouse Hollow is really wonderful. I found a lot of interesting and useful information there.
Rimvydas Juškaitis <>
Vilnius, Lithuania -

Congratulations for the Dormouse hollow site. We can now learn more from each others about dormice, which are by the way about 50 myrs old ! What an experience !
Hartenberger Jean-Louis <>
Montpellier, France -

Une site concise et parfaitment informative. Félicitations.
Andrea Bossanova <>
Bangui, CAR -

a clear structure, very well done. congratulations.
Hanspeter Vogel <avus>
Großwiesendorf, Austria -

John Drewett <>
York, England -