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Request for texts

Since - due to copyright legislation - it is illegal to scan published texts, I would like to ask if there is anybody willing to write and provide short texts (concise and informative, approx. 2-6 pages) on one of the topics below. You will clearly be stated as the author, the procedure will be similar to an Online Journal. The purpose is to also provide info for non-scientists and newcomers, to extend the dormouse network and to furnish public awareness. I will add links to photos and selected references for further readings.

... or any other topic you wish to write about... Topics can be splitted. Any text you can provide will be appreciated. If you have a manuscript on a more specific topic that you would like to place online, I will include it in another new web section, which will be the next project.

If you think that you can help, please contact me and tell me what you could write about, how long it will take and how many pages it will approximately be. Please include a few major references. Photos and illustrations are most welcome. The texts will be reviewed.

Seeking Reviewers:

For the reviewing process of the submitted texts and manuscripts, I am seeking shrew scientists who would be willing to do this on a voluntary / anonymous basis. Please contact me.

The assigned topics can still be split and can be put online if the information is valuable and as long as there is no redundancy. This decision will be with the referees. I would also like to thank those who have offered their help by volunteering to be *anonymous* referees for the submitted texts.

Please reply to: W. Haberl,