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List of Sponsors
(... and maybe a good place to find equipment...)

Its neither Coca Cola, nor Pepsi, Apple, Bill Gates or the Sultanate of Oman that sponsor this web site, but a few people / companies found it worth to assist in one way or the other ...

The following is a list of people or organizations that currently keep the project alive by providing any sort of help that reduces the costs of maintaining such a site.

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Among other small mammal traps, GRAHNAB sells the "UGGLAN SPECIAL" Mouse Trap. Size 240x80x60 mm. It is made of of galvanized metal wire-mesh, a plastic base and will be delivered with an aluminium roof.

The trap mechanism is not spring loaded, but gravity controlled; it is elevated above the floor of the traps so does not get fouled with mouse droppings. They have a lightweight, integrated sun and rain cover; they will capture multiple animals and are not subject to accidental setting off. They come in various sizes suitable to a large range of small mammals.

Contact: Grahnab, Ekhaga Marieholm, S-330 33 Hillerstorp, Sweden. Fax: (++46) 370 932 73.

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