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"Dormouse Talk" is an e-mail list to deal with research problems, announcements, and generally to facilitate contact among people working in some way with dormice; Such a list has also been encouraged by many non-scientists that have shown to have a variety of questions and observations that could be relevant to the scientific discussion. The discussion includes topics ranging from dormouse ecology, behaviour, physiology, anatomy, taxonomy, parasites, predators, genetics and palaeontolgy to frequently asked "non-scientific" questions and general problems of small mammal ecology, e.g. trapping and marking methods. Dormouse Talk mail will be sent to all Dormousers on E-mail.

Dormouse Talk is a scientific, moderated list, i.e. virus warnings, chain mail, "fluffy little critters" postings and spam won't get through.

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  • Dormouse Talk Archives:

    These archives were created when Dormouse Talk was a newsletter in digest form. Dormouse Talk was converted to a mailing list in February 2004. Currently, there are no list archives; when we add an archive it will be available to subscribers only.

    To protect contributors from spam mail, this web archive has been stripped of most private e-mail addresses. If you need to contact one of the authors, please ask us for the address or look it up at the password protected Dormousers on E-Mail page.