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Digest 13 August 2002 - Vol. 3, No. 3

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1) Vertebrate (Bird) Diet of Glis? (B. Ure)

I came across your fascinating web site by chance. I have no professional experience or knowledge of dormice, but I did start life as a vet.

I live in South Western France, near Cognac, and one of my hobbies is birdwatching. We have a large garden, and have counted over 60 species of birds in and around it. Many of these nest here, but the smaller species, say greenfinch down, can virtually never rear a brood, as within a few days of hatching, the nestlings are eaten. Usually they just disappear, as do the eggs, but this morning I found a three day old greenfinch on my deckchair, with a hole bitten in its head.

Some of the nests, particularly the swallows, I would have thought would be impossible for a rodent? to access, but I have seen Loir, which I presume to be the edible dormouse, climbing, or rather running up very smooth walls, and jumping at least 2 or 3 feet to another perch.

The locals assure me that the loir are responsible, and the local Coop even includes them in its handbook "Best ways of poisoning rodents!!" They are only active at night, which is when the eggs and birds are eaten. I have no wish to follow the Coop handbook, but given the choice between birds and dormice...

I see no mention in your literature, or any of the other Google sites, that they eat baby birds. Please assure me that they do not, and if you have any suggestions as to what the culprit might be, I would be very grateful. I have ruled out the obvious culprits such as magpies, who could not access most of the nests.

Please help if you can,
Bill Ure


1) The Dormouse Hollow Forum

A few months ago, Ms. Carol Keen (U.S.A.) - a member of The Dormouse Hollow - contacted me and offered to set up a list-serve for dormouse issues... At that time I had severe problems with my email and I could not sent out the Dormouse Talk Newsletter regularly. Now, I am happy to announce that this list-serve is established. For you (members of The Dormouse Hollow), this means that, if you want to take advantage of it, you will have to subscribe, which is very simple (see instructions below).


1) The procedure of the Dormouse Hollow Newsgroup will remain as a digest of incoming mails. There will not be any changes and you will receive the e-mail newsletter as before. However, the timing of sending out the newsletter is irregular and depends on the amount of incoming messages as well as my availabily (ie. if I'm on field work for one month, there will be no newsletter...). To post mails, please send to, as before. These mails will be edited by me and sent out to the group in the next newsletter.

2) The new list-serve would ensure that your mail will be instantly forwarded to all subscribers of the list-serve (but only those; see below). This is especially important, when it comes to urgent inquiries, e.g. the care for found baby dormice or other dormouse-related questions. Obviously such cases cannot wait until I am back from field work or holidays...! I (WH) will edit certain messages to be sent in the Dormouse Hollow Newsletter.

3) The Dormouse Hollow currently counts over 170 members /recipients of the newsletter. - Since I do not want to subscribe anybody to the List-Serve without prior permission, please do so yourself! - It would be great, if you would all participate. (See instructions below (5)).

4) The List-Serve will be moderated by Carol Keen. Carol will ensure that your emails are secuere and will also prevent any "spams".

5) How to subscribe: Visit and subscribe providing your e-mail data and an ID

6) I would be grateful, if our scientific members would subscribe to the new forum. By turning the attention of people away from the perception that urban wild animals are a nuisance to be eradicated and towards an appreciation of the critical role these shy, rarely seen animals play in the ecosystem, we hope to help educate the public to think about wildlife in a different way and thus become partners instead of adversaries in the battle to conserve wildlife. We also hope to enhance the image of biologists in the eyes of the public by answering their questions promptly, and in a straightforward way, using everyday language and examples that they can understand. If people see scientists as partners in finding workable, environmentally sensitive solutions to everyday problems rather than ivory-tower theorists, the cause of conservation will be greatly aided.

7) Possible problems: Once subscribed to the new list-serve, your sent message will be instantly delivered to only those, who have also subscribed to the list-serve. As mentioned, the Dormouse Hollow Newsletter goes out to all registered "dormousers". Since I (WH) will also receive all messages posted on the new List-serve, I will edit those and post a selection to the Dormouse Group, as before.

Ms. Carol E. Keen (USA)

2) Dormouse Hollow Questionnaire (Werner Haberl)

Yesterday I have sent out a queustionnaire to all recipients of "Dormouse Talk". I would appreciate it, if you could spare a few minutes to complete that form and return it to me as soon as possible!

(Hitherto I have only received 6 answers; - there should be over 150!!!!)

If you did not receive the questionnaire or accidentally deleted it, please contact me and I will send it again. Your (anonymous) data will be used for statistical evaluation of the usage of the Dormouse Hollow which I would like to present at the next Dormouse Conference in Hungary.

Thank you,
Werner (Editor of Dormouse Hollow)

Dormouse Bibliography: New Publications

To announce your new research papers/books, please submit the Dormouse Bibliography web form and/or mail to: W. Haberl, Hamburgerstrasse 11, A-1050 Vienna, Austria (


4) 5th International Conference on Dormouse

The Vth International Conference on Dormice
Gödöllő University, Agricultural Sciences, Hungary
26-29 August, 2002

This Conference will be held at the Szent István University of Gödöllő, near Budapest (Hungary). The meeting will begin on Monday August 26th and end on Thursday August 29th.. It will include a mid-conference excursion plus optional post- conference excursions. The official language of the Conference will be English. The proceedings will be published in Journal Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae.

2) Message to participants of the 5th International Conference on Dormouse

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for your registration to the Vth International Conference on Dormouse (Myoxidae). I can gladly inform you that we have over fifty applicants to the Conference.

We are affectionately waiting for your arrival to the scenery of the Conference.

Unfortunately, money-transactions of Hungary are much complicated as we thought. It means in our case that the registration fees of the applicants are arriving to Hungary, but they do not reach our bank account. Because of this fact, I am kindly asking you to do a modification of your cash in. The title of the modification should be the name of the account owner. Everything else should stay the same. Please write your name as well onto the voucher of the money-transfer, and take it with you to the Conference for the case to facilitate our work at the registration. Thank you for your comprehension.

The correct data for the money-transfer:
Owner of the account: Godolloi-Agrarkozpont Kht.
Name of Bank: K & H Bank
Account number: 10400494-04900328

Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference,
Botond Bakó
Secretary of Conference
The Secretariat, 5th International Dormouse Conference:

Postal address:
Botond Bakó
Szent István University
Department of Zoology and Ecology
Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1.
University Web site:

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