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Digest 29 May 2002 - Vol. 4, No. 1

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Dormouse Talk is Back

You may have wondered why there was no Dormouse Talk newsletter since August 2002. Werner Haberl unfortunately had difficulties accessing his mail due to spam and technical problems and didn't have much time. Until his situation improves, The Dormouse Hollow and the Dormouse Talk newsletter will be temporarily maintained by Kathrin Passig (that's me). The new e-mail address reaches both of us.

I'm afraid I don't have your "Dormouse Talk" contributions since August 2002 yet. They will be included in the next Dormouse Talk newsletter if they're not outdated. Anything you send in from now on will be distributed on a (let's hope :-) regular base again.

There is a new Dormouse Talk archive at It has been stripped of most e-mail addresses and personal data to protect the contributors from spam mail. If you think the archive should not be accessible to the public, please tell me so and I will password-protect it.

What's New in the Dormouse Hollow

You'll find a change log at

The Dormouse Hollow moved from its German domain to, the design changed a little, some broken links were fixed and a bibliography was added (see below).

The data on the "Dormouse Talk" subscribers are no longer openly visible. You'll find a short list (containing only names and countries) at The password you'll need in order to view the detailed information is

XXXXXXXX (not contained in this archive version)

If you lose it or forget it, ask us at

Please take the time to check whether your entry is correct. Other dormouse researchers might need the information to reach you with questions, invitations etc. If you find any mistakes, please fill in the application form at again. You don't have to enter everything, just your name and whatever has changed. Or you can simply mail all changes to

The Dormouse Hollow is an international project and I tried to render all foreign special characters in names, addresses and titles of publications as accurately as possible by encoding them in Unicode. If your browser doesn't display them you may be lacking a font that contains these characters. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

There is also a new page "Frequently Asked Questions" at - your input is very welcome. Can you contribute to the answers or propose new questions? Scientific questions should be answered here as well as those that Werner and I get asked a lot via our respective websites by non-scientists, such as "How can I hand-rear a dormouse I found?", "How can I get rid of dormice in my house?" or "Where can I get a pair of dormice?".

Dormouse Bibliography

The Dormouse Hollow has a new bibliography with >500 entries at

The Dormouse Bibliography was compiled by Werner Haberl and Kathrin Passig with the help of many contributors, especially Pat Morris and Rimvydas Juskaitis. You can access the bibliography online or download a PDF version at The PDF version is better suited to printing and archiving purposes; you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view it.

The online version contains abstracts where available and can be sorted either alphabetically by author or by year; the PDF version is sorted by species and doesn't contain any abstracts.

This bibliography is, of course, still far from complete and probably contains many mistakes. Please take a look at it and mail any mistakes you find (including spelling of names and titles) to Unfortunately, sometimes all special characters were lost in transmission. It would be very helpful if you took the time to correct the mistakes you find in the entries in your native language.

You can easily add new entries at Please bear with us if you already notified us of your publications but can't find them in the bibliography. Some information has been lost in the transfer from Werner to me. We apologize for any inconvenience - please send them again and we'll enter them into the bibliography. Additional abstracts would be welcome as well.

Dormouse Talk Instructions

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