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Digest 5 October 2000 - Vol. 1, No. 8

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1) Identification of a Juvenile Dormouse (D. Kock)

On my desk is a juvenile dormouse (1.5 g) from the Taunus Mts., southern Hassia, western Germany. This juvenile was found on the 17. Sept. 2000 on a path through forest. The attempt to raise it in captivity failed already on the second day.

Our collection does not comprise any useful comparative specimens and a rapid scanning of literature at hand did not yield any descriptions by which 2-days-old individuals (ears still adhering to head skin, toes still coherent, nearly naked) could be reliably identified, e.g. by sucking apparatus of the snout, pads on foot soles.

In the area concerned, Eliomys quercinus and/or Glis glis are to be expected. Muscardinus juveniles of the age must be considerably smaller.

I am grateful for any hints which may help me to achieve an identification!

With best regards,

Dr. Dieter KOCK
Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg
Senckenberg-Anlage 25
D-60325 Frankfurt a.M.

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